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J. David Westwood


Estate Planning in Kanab, Utah

Mr. Westwood’s estate planning philosophy is straightforward – a carefully thought out and implemented estate plan brings the peace of mind of knowing that all your affairs will be taken care of when you are gone. The implementation of Mr. Westwood’s estate planning services is designed to provide his clients with the best possible level of understanding and clarity. It is important to Mr. Westwood that all of his clients clearly understand how their estate plan works and he takes the time to patiently explain each estate plan.  Mr. Westwood believes there is no “typical” problem in the area of estate planning as everyone’s life circumstances and business and personal assets make every situation a unique challenge. Mr. Westwood works with his clients in Kanab and surrounding areas to define their estate planning goals and then finds a solution and tax-efficient way to achieve those objectives.  Mr. Westwood strives to provide his estate planning clients’ superior services in a timely, efficient, and caring manner, understanding the emotional and financial demands on the family.

Mr. Westwood assists clients with a variety of estate planning services, including:

    • Trusts and Wills
    • Durable Powers of Attorney
    • Health Care Directives
    • Life Insurance Trusts
    • Special Needs Trusts
    • Charitable Trusts
    • Minors’ Trusts
    • Succession Planning for a Closely Held Business
    • Estate and Trust Administration Advice
    • Distribution of Assets to Beneficiaries


Lawyer Serving the Kanab, Utah Area

Mr. J. David Westwood is dedicated to providing his clients with superior legal services on a timely, effective and cost-efficient basis while maintaining the highest standards of professional integrity. He believes that every case is unique and that your case demands and deserves special attention and an analysis unique to the situation.

He works hard to meet his clients’ needs and spends time learning about each of his clients and understanding their goals.

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